Re: The fascist pharma industry
Our man in Oaxaca wrote:

      You commented on the quote from George F. Kennan that I included in a post, as follows:
      A detailed analysis of this "quote", starting with a correction  -  Kennan wrote 50%, not 60% - , is available at  
      To me as an antinuclear activist, Kennan had been most visible (later, after he'd been the USA ambassador to Moscow) as an opponent of the H-bomb.  I regard him as a refined USA establishment member, as contrasted to the crude sort such as Dubya.

  Your comments seem unrelated to the pharmaceutical industry

        No more so than yourn, Geo our man.

>     Did you have a substantive contribution to make, or was your intent merely to show how learned you are?
        No great claim of learning on my part -  just a desire to point out that even one capable of such a brutal statement as that '48 model from Kennan can turn out to be somewhat civilised on an important matter.
        I'd like to hear whether Kennan is viewed as an extreme ogre by USA leftists.  From my foreigner's  perspective he looks far from your worst.
        Please don't feel got at, Geo.  There was no reflection on your good self  -  it was pretty obvious that you'd just copied a dud figure, as any of us might.  Beyond that correction, the analysis of the '48 Kennan quote is worth having for those who are interested in such things.