There is very little to answer to those one- or two-liners, amazingly short 
on any specifics.  Should I care that an apple falls from the height of the 
WTC in only one additional half-second?  What is the relevance of that?

And people do have to be accountable for the totality of their beliefs.  
Persons who believe absurd things in one area lose credibility in others.  
Take our dear Mormon governor Romney...please.

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He does not have an answer to them, except to belittle them by association 
with a Mormon who thinks the same way. Isn't marginalization and belittling 
by association standard scientific analysis today?

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>You again do not answer the dozens of military and "important people" 
>experts who are raising these questions too.
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>>>Another smarmy response from Louis, who resorts to name calling when
>>>he cannot respond coherently to the evidence.
>>>Mitchel Cohen
>>Actually, I had everything I had to say about 9/11 here:
>>Not that I am into big pharma, but they do have medication for
>>obsessional thinking that is supposed to work pretty good.

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