Chandler Davis quoth:
 some scientists are fundamentalist
Christians (or other) and say that the Genesis account of the origin of
life is perfectly true but only metaphorically.

        This seems confused.  The fundamentalists say Genesis 1 - 3 is literally true  -  they deny that it should be interpreted metaphorically.  This fundamentalism arose only a century ago.  It is anything but traditional Christianity.
        The mainstream Christian position has always been that this is among the most figurative parts of the Bible.  I go further and deny that it can be understood literally by an honest, informed person today -  so the notion that it should be does not arise.  I then argue that the fundies' insistence on affirmation of the nonsense slogan 'the first 3 chapters of the Bible, plus you get your Noah story, must be understood literally' is totalitarian in much the same sense as 'the Slavs are subhuman' or the most notorious 'the Jews have been causing nearly all our troubles in Germany lately': these are slogans that cannot be honestly believed, so to affirm them amounts to a declaration that you are blindly obedient to the bosses of the sect that propounds them.
        When virulently anti-religion campaigners like Dawkins use "creationism" as a straw man to knock down, as if they were refuting Christianity, they are being at best extremely lazy (in failing to ascertain the traditional Christian doctrine on evolution).  At worst, they are aware that "creationism"