The person with chuzpah around here is the Marxist Expert from the Columbian 
White Tower.

Mitchel at least is at least DOING something good for the world (actually 
many things) and I think his critique of Marxist philosophy with regard to 
capitalist progress is right on the money.

Louis, here is something to chew on philosophically (I understand you have 
almost a PhD in this): why are so many extremely wealthy capitalists and 
capitalist foundations connected to the pharmaceutical industry interested 
in a technology (embryonic stem cells) that is supposed to really solve 
diseases, when the primary business model of the pharmaceutical industry is 
long term illness maintenance, having nothing to do with cures or effective 
curative treatment? Why are prominent leftists lining up as a cheering squad 
along with the capitalists for this new technology?

Why is it that there is no interest in ADULT stem cells, which really can be 
obtained easily (from the patient's intestines) and used easily and 
relatively cheaply to re-grow organs?

Why is the FDA and the pharmaceutical industry so intent on regulating 
natural supplements (via Codex) when "modern medicine" is the leading cause 
of death in the US (>650,000 per year) and the leading cause of injury 
(millions per year), while the number of people who have died as a result of 
natural supplements is less than a hundred per year, almost exclusively the 
result of not following the label and/or sheer stupidity.


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> >Stan Goff has kindly posted the talk I gave on January 26, 2007, at 
> >Bertell Ollman's Marxism Seminar, at
>>You can read the entire talk there -- including the parts that I had to 
>>excise due to time constraints (concerning stem cell research and the 
>>left) and also post your own comments.
> Amazing. Not a single reference to John Bellamy Foster, Paul Burkett, 
> James O'Connor or Mike Davis.
> What chutzpah.
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