Doesn't deserve a response, but here it is anyway. I was a lefty activist, a 
member of a proscribed organization starting in 1969. I was their printing 
coordinator in Boston, responsible for printing tens of thousands of flyers 
and pamphlets, showing people the origins of imperialism, racism, and 
poverty and empowering people to fight back. I organized an anti-nuclear 
groups, and then, later, a Pledge of Resistance group in the suburbs during 
the Central American wars, writing most of their literature. I was one of 
the organizers of BioDevastation 2000, and the only person to have crashed 
the Biotechnology Industry Organization party at the Boston Science Museum. 
I was a red-diaper baby; my parents were members of the CPUSA. My father was 
a factory union organizer.

While doing this, I also learned about the central mechanism of US foreign 
policy (the US security services - Military Intelligence and the Central 
Intelligence Agency) and its direct connections to the most prominent US 
businesses, the role of public relations in swaying public opinion (Chomsky, 
Necessary Illusions and Manufacturing Consent), and the true nature of the 
pharmaceutical industry and their current profit model (illness 
maintenance). I came to realize that the communist movement failed (and most 
movements fail) because they way underestimate the power of the ruling 
classes and because, as in the early Soviet Union, they mimic ruling class 
organization, seeding their own destruction by creating the illusion that 
such organization is OK as long as good people are in the leadership.

Is that sufficient, or do I need peer-reviewed journal articles in Monthly 
Review for my credentials?

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> Michael Balter writes:
>>      This post from Jonathan Campbell is an example, to me anyway, of the
>> absolute contempt that some so-called leftists have not just for
>> science
> On what grounds can Jonathan Campbell be considered any sort of leftist
> at all, even  a "so-called" one?
> :-)
> Carrol