From the article Mitchel posted:

"The study showed that inexpensive multivitamin
>treatment is more effective in staving off disease among HIV-positive
>women than any toxic AIDS drug. (NEMJ 2004 Jul 1;351(1):23-32)"

This is a lie. Read the study abstract and the other materials I provided.
Amazing that the oh so socially conscious Mitchel would not see the context
for doing the study in the first place: The failure of the international
community to provide the life-saving AIDS drugs that HIV infected patients
in Western countries have routine access to. For the rest, I invite members
of this list to read over the entire dossier and come to their own


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> Misrepresent?
> The study abstract says: "Results from observational studies suggest
> that micronutrient status is a determinant of the progression of
> human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) disease."
> AND, "Multivitamins also resulted in significantly higher CD4+ and
> CD8+ cell counts and significantly lower viral loads."
> "Conclusions Multivitamin supplements delay the progression of HIV
> disease and provide an effective, low-cost means of delaying the
> initiation of antiretroviral therapy in HIV-infected women."
> Those are pretty strong statements. Funny that we don't hear much
> talk about it, among the great push for pharmaceuticals as soon as
> possible.
> At 02:52 AM 2/16/2007, you wrote:
> >On second thought I have been too mild in my previous post. The
> >article Mitchel posted completely misrepresents the findings of the
> >NEJM study. Is it too much to ask that Mitchel check out the primary
> >sources of what he posts rather than rely on secondary materials?
> >That would be, um, the scientific way to do things.
> >
> >best, Michael
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> >A Natural Answer to AIDS?
> >
> >On 1 July 2004, a landmark study by Harvard University
> >was published in one of the world's leading medical journals,
> >the New England Journal of Medicine, summed up
> >the same day by the world's most influential and respected
> >newspaper, the New York Times: 'The study found that
> >daily doses of multivitamins slow down the disease and cut
> >the risk of developing AIDS in half.'
> >
> >The question is why the people of South Africa have not been told about
> >this. For actively promoting natural health approaches to AIDS, the
> >South African government has continually been attacked by
> >pharmaceutical interest groups and received no support at all from
> >the medical establishment. The reason for this lack of support is
> >obvious. Non-patentable natural therapies have very low profit
> >margins, whereas patented synthetic pharmaceutical AIDS drugs are a
> >multi-billion dollar business.
> >
> >It is high time that everyone in South Africa, whether affected by
> >AIDS or not, knows the facts.
> >
> >1. The Harvard study, conducted in Tanzania over a period of eight
> >years, involved more than a thousand HIV-positive pregnant women.
> >It was a placebo controlled and double blind trial conforming to the
> >highest standards. The study showed that inexpensive multivitamin
> >treatment is more effective in staving off disease among HIV-positive
> >women than any toxic AIDS drug. (NEMJ 2004 Jul 1;351(1):23-32)
> >
> >2. More than a decade ago, a study co-authored by two-time Nobel
> >Prize winner Linus Pauling, published in another leading scientific
> >journal, found that an optimal dose of vitamin C alone can block the
> >replication of HIV by 99%. (Proceedings of the National Academy of
> >Sciences of the United States of America 1990 Sep;87(18):7245-9)
> >
> >3. Every textbook of biochemistry recognises that vitamins and
> >other micronutrients are the most decisive factor determining the
> >optimum function of the immune system.
> >
> >4. Hundreds of studies have found that AZT is profoundly toxic to
> >all cells of the human body, and particularly to the blood cells of our
> >immune system.
> >
> >5. Numerous studies have found that children exposed to AZT in the
> >womb suffer brain damage, neurological disorders, paralysis, spasticity,
> >mental retardation, epilepsy, other serious diseases and early
> >death*.
> >
> >6. Incredibly, two weeks after the publication of the Harvard study,
> >the Medicines Control Council proposed new regulations that will
> >effectively prevent free access to life-saving vitamin therapy and
> >information about it, and recommended that HIV-positive women
> >take AZT during their pregnancies.
> >
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