It is particularly silly and unproductive because this is one area where scientific arguments,  so successfully put forward in works like our late colleague Steve Gould's The Mismeasure of Man, have been particularly effective. The Bruce Lahn story I referred to earlier, pdfs again available to whoever asks offlist, is another good example of the chips falling where they may scientifically. Those who live by the gene sometimes die by the gene.


On 2/20/07, Eric Entemann <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Would you not agree that "intelligence" is a social construct as well?

It's inappropriate to label any discussion on this list as "fascist
propaganda".  That is entirely silly and unproductive, and it undermines the
impact of the word.  It reminds me of the good old '70s, when too frequently
the slightest disagreements were met with that epithet, including on some
occasions hurled by SftP members at "liberals" on the podium at AAAS
meetings.  I, for one, cringed.

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Subject: Re: Genetics & Race
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There is no such thing as "race" biologically/genetically; Race is a social
construct. There is no "White" race, and there is no "Black" race. All
discussions of intelligence based on race are fascist propaganda -- not only
Jensen, Shockley, Eysenck and Herrnstein, but the more "liberal" proponents
as well, such as Wasserman and Pine at Columbia.

See my chapter on the latters' experimental drugging of Black children to
control their serotonin levels in "Redesigning Life: The Worldwide Challenge
to Genetic Engineering" edited by Brian Tokar -- a new twist to the old IQ
debate. A version was printed as an article in "The Shadow" at which was listed in the Project
Censored Awards for 2001, and earlier in Z Magazine.