It's one thing to recognize that most of the things we use and even need are manufactured by capitalist industry in today's world. 

It's another thing to accept the framework and underlying premisses of capitalist industry and promote it, as some (perhaps unknowingly) are doing here.

Mitchel Cohen

PS  As for penicillin, I am allergic to it and would have long ago been dead if some of the doctors had had their way, without my conscious intervention and refusal over their "O, don't be silly" framework.

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>On Feb 20, 2007, at 8:22 AM, Eric Entemann wrote:
>> I most likely would have died in early childhood had the nascent  
>> fascist pharmaceutical industry not supplied my doctor with  
>> penicillin.
>For some reason this reminds me of the one-line poem by Ogden Nash:  
>"Smallpox is natural; vaccine ain't."
>Anyway, Eric's point is well taken. It is not useful methodology to  
>simply put a plus where Big Pharma puts a minus and a minus where Big  
>Pharma puts a plus.