Michael Balter wrote:

I think a couple of these posts are directed at me. I am not an
archaeologist by training, I have an MA in biology from UCLA and I
covered AIDS for Science for 7 years as backup AIDS reporter to Jon
Cohen (and as our main man in 1998 when Jon was on book leave.) I am not
just name-calling, there is considerable political substance to my
critique of your posts. They are representative of a part of the left
that has essentially crippled the effectiveness of a progressive
movement in the United States by marginalizing it, in embracing every
crackpot theory from HIV denialism to 9/11 denialism. 


I agree with this, but a note on the last point. Long ago Engels noted
that the workers' movement collected a rabble of this's and that's about
it -- and one just has to live with that fact. Complaining amounts to
cursing the rain for wetting us.