Joseph, I will have to ask you for the evidence that there are no
differences in "intelligence"--whatever that means, verbal reasoning,
spatial reasoning, other mental "faculties"--between individuals, even if
there is little evidence for  such differences between populations (a
crucial distinction.) If IQ tests are meaningless, then there is little
evidence either for or against individual differences in mental functioning
that I am aware of, except for the obvious cases of retardation and other
pathologies. But you may know differently, and if you do, I assume you will
be able to provide us with the evidence for your statement. And I mean
scientific evidence, not your ideological or political views of the matter.


On 2/21/07, joseph schwartz <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Mitchell I think you'll find that if you look closely enough and the
> genetics and intelligence issue you'll find that, not only is there no
> such
> thing as race,  there is no such thing as genetic differences in
> intelligence full stop. Intelligence itself is an ideological construct
> rather like money. Like money some people have more of it than others and
> like money it can be inherited. It appears as an ideology in the latter
> part
> of the 19th century when all the property was bought up so to speak and
> the
> professional middle class, Hobsbawm's  nouvelle couche sociale,  needed a
> justification for privilege. So you had Francis Amasa Walker president of
> MIT teaching his students about the rent of (their) ability, their
> property
> was their ability and in Britain you had George Bernard Shaw writing about
> socialism as the "paradise for the able".


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