This is such an amazing distortion of my position on the issues we have been
discussing that I find it staggering and question myself whether it is
possible to discuss these issues here. I will leave the list if George
personally asks me to, although I would be interested to hear whether others
feel that these discussions have been useless.


On 2/21/07, George Salzman <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>  Oaxaca, Wednesday 21 February 2007
> Friends (and enemies!, principally among the privileged members of *the*human race)
> Sujatha just wrote:
> Agreed. But I think that people would have dropped the pursuit of the
> study of the biological basis of intelligence if the results had shown that
> people of color (any color) were superior to whites. Many in this list would
> have have been more eager to drop it too.
> Sb
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> On 2/21/07 8:10 AM, "Mitchel Cohen" <[log in to unmask]><[log in to unmask]>wrote:
> If there is no such thing as "race" (defined genetically/biologically),
> then there is no such thing as racial differences in intelligence.
> Mitchel Cohen
> -----------------------------------------
>       The utility of this listserv is in my opinion almost null, and I
> tried some months ago to quit, as my correspondence with Steve Cavrak and
> several others, reproduced below, shows. Now with the amount of energy and
> generous treatment accorded Michael Balter, who must be bathing in delight
> to be gaining so much attention by "the knee-jerk left", I am convinced I
> was correct in wanting to leave. Michael Balter is simply not worth pissing
> our energies away on. I just went to see the membership, which as a
> so-called "owner" I still have access to. Here it is:
> [Configure]<>
> 134 [View]<>
> Private
> Open,
> Confirm
> [log in to unmask] (Steve Cavrak),
> [log in to unmask] (George Salzman)
> The number has been slowly dwindling from a little above 150 a few months
> ago, where it had held for most of the years since 1998.
>       We do a disservice to ourselves by honoring Michael Balter's
> supposed inability to understand that the search for genetic differences
> among different population groups is guided, in the dominant social system
> we live in, not by a desire to improve the human condition, but as a tool to
> be used by the privileged and powerful against the poor and downtrodden. It
> is nonsense to believe we can persuade him to understand this simple truth
> by endless appeals to "pure scientific reasoning."
>       Of course there are multiple variations within humanity, but the
> variations ought to be relished for the richness of our genetic heritage
> that they embody. Individual people are different from one another, but that
> is no reason to deprive some of them of the opportunity to flourish as full
> human beings. Denial of that opportunity is precisely what much of the
> scientific research before which Balter professes to bow down is all about.
> Sujatha is exactly right. Balter would not be arguing as he is if it was we
> currently privileged white males who were being "scientifically" found to be
> inferior.
>       The reason we are in this seeming trap is because we are largely
> powerless middle class academics, as George Lakey correctly conjectures (see
> my post yesterday, Re: U.S. role in overthrowing dictators nonviolently).
> In any event, I want out of this group. When I suggested to Steve Cavrak in
> the spring of 1998 that it might be good to resuscitate Science for the
> People I was hopeful. But it's been largely futile. Steve, take me off. As
> an "owner" I'm not able to just unsubscribe, but you're at the Univ of
> Vermont, which hosts the listserv, and you can do it. You never replied to
> my earlier request, which follows: (Well, I can't seem to locate my earlier
> request now.) Also, thanks Herb Fox and Maurice Bazin for trying to persuade
> me there was value in remaining. I didn't pursue it then, but now I need to
> focus my energy on the real struggle, which is not located in the privileged
> middle classes of this collapsing world society.
> Sincerely,
> *George*


Michael Balter
Contributing Correspondent, Science
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