Kitcher's book is titled Abusing Science--it's good for the most part (although the chapter on science and religion is weak, and Kitcher himself has subsequently conceded that his "plea for peaceful coexistence [between science and religion] ... was too facile"), but it was written in 1982 and is out of date (the young earth creationism that is his main target is only one among many creationist views now being advocated). I've suggested to him that he should reissue it with his 2002 essay on ID theory ("Born Again Creationism", reprinted in In Mendel's Mirror) as a postcript. However, the best (meaning philosophically most sophisticated) monograph on these issues is still Robert Pennock's Tower of Babel (MIT, 1999), although I have several specific disagreements with it. The best collection is Pennock's Intelligent Design Creationism and Its Critics (MIT, 2001). --PG

On the issue of creationism., ID and evolution, I strongly recommend the book "Use and Abuse of Biology"m MIT Press, by Philip Kitcher- a philosopher at Columbia- an older but timeless book plus his recent article in his book "In Mendel's Mirror" Oxford Univ. Press.