The prosecution actually asked 'denialist/Noble prize winner' Kary Mullis
for help! :)

The prosecution actually put Dr. Gallo (major HIV scientist) on the witness
stand!  Gallo ended up insulting the judge!  Gallo provided much material
for dissidents who believe that HIV theory is an industrial scam to avoid
toxicological liabilities re pharmaceuticals and industrial pollution.

-Jim West (my website is

Quote from:

The Gallo Philes: HIV on Trial

The trial ... was turned into a trial of the very existence of HIV, due to
the expert testimony of Perth Group members Val Turner and Eleni Eleopulos.
So dangerous was this that the machine of HIV=AID$=Death rolled into motion
providing a news blackout outside Australia and, when things did not appear
to be going so well, the testimony of HIV inventor Robert Gallo via video
hookup and a call for help from one of the prosecution 'experts' to
'Denialist' and Nobelist Kary Mullis.