I live in a country that has the highest incidence of HIV/AIDS in the world; I am surrounded by it, and I have seen the very real impact of 'offhand' dismissal of what the website you link to calls the "HIV/AIDS hypothesis". Because our government once, and for quite a time, embraced the denialist point of view, we still have enormous problems getting people to get tested and get treated, and we have massive stigma. Just two weeks or so ago, a friend working in poor areas found a dying 17-year-old boy, isolated in a lean-to at the back of the family shack and left to die in appalling circumstances, ill-fed, untouched and untreated, with feet completely raw, and mind flipping over into psychosis. (She found a place for him to die in something resembling comfort, as she has done in innumerable cases like this. She deserves the Nobel!) Yet she and I have seen over and over again the remarkable impact of anti-retroviral meds, which turn dying people into people with a life to live - within weeks. That boy could still be in school instead of under the earth, if his family had not been affected by the prevailing stigma; had they not feared the drugs - I've come across plenty of people who were actually offered anti-retrovirals for sick family members and dithered, because of denialist messages they've received about how the drugs are poisons which a conspiracy of big pharma and evil capitalists want to shove down the throats of our people.
We have also seen the fantastic impact of a decent diet on poor people who have not yet progressed to full-blown status, so we're never going to gainsay the power of good nutrition and lifestyle; but there is a time when meds are the only option to save lives, and the denialists, those who treat the connection between HIV and AIDS as non-existent, shout down the use of drugs as toxins and so on. So people - little children - die and die and die in dreadful ways. The graves are raw and new and run in long rows across the veld near townships close to my home, topped with little rough wooden crosses, hand carved with names and ages: 19, 23, 34, 15, 29.... this terrible tragedy is in part the result of denialism, IMHO. We could have reduced both the incidence and the deaths hugely had our government not spent a prolonged period wandering in Wonderland (some are still there, chewing on beetroot, garlic and African potatoes as they sip their tea at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party!).
Stay in Wonderland yourself if you like; but do be aware of the impact that feeding denialism can have in the real world.
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Oh dear, I guess I started another firestorm.
All I can say to Michael Balter is: Balterdash!
For those who are not close-minded:
First, Carolyn Dean is one of those rare medical doctors who has studied a wide range of therapies, from pharmaceutical medicine to naturopathic medicine (decades of scientifically proven, documented therapies) to homeopathy (which, believe it or not, has scientific basis for some afflictions) to Chinese medicine (thousands of years of curative and restorative use of herbs), and even the weirdo ones (magnetic, electrical, etc.) that hold little promise. Any good health scientist or researcher follows up on strong anecdotal evidence, even if what they eventually find is the placebo effect. (Which is real in itself. The mind body connection is very powerful in its ability for healing. Read Jon Kabat-Zinn on this phenomenon.)
This study for which she was primarily responsible, Death By Medicine, has not been refuted by any reputable sources. They merely ignore it. Other physicians who have studied the same phenomenon (iatrogenic death is its official name) put the number of deaths slightly lower, and their research is also carefully ignored by the press and the medical profession at large. If you are interested it (and I defy anyone to find anything wrong with the methodology) you can find it on the Life Extension Foundation website at:
Second, as for adult stem cells, there is good research going on, but it is woefully underfunded because there is no profit potential. Here is but one example found in 10 seconds on google.
Third, regarding my offhand comment about AIDS and HIV: The discussion of AIDS and HIV is far too long and complex for this mailing list. I suggest you start with the following website:
This website and some of the ideas presented will challenge your understanding of the AIDS phenomenon. You have a choice. “You take the blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.” (Morpheus, in The Matrix) The world is not what it seems.
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