Since I am a fairly recently joined member of this list, encouraged to do so by its moderator because I was  a member of Science for the People in the 1970s and understood this was a continuation of that organization, I am wondering whether a debate over whether HIV causes AIDS is an appropriate topic for this list. I would hope not, and I responded to Cohen and Campbell because I was frankly stunned that a group started by real working scientists like Lewontin, Beckwith, and Gould would entertain such nonsense. But finding that regular posters to this list such as Cohen and Campbell entertained such views, I felt compelled to respond to them for concern that they might be leading members and lurkers astray. So seriously, to Martha or anyone else on this list, I ask you to explain what topics are appropriate and which are not. And if there are no such rules, but Martha is simply expressing her personal opinion about the discussion, then I would like to know that too. I would then know that those who don't like the discussions that take place here have the choice to leave the list.


On 2/16/07, Martha Livingston <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Once again, Cohen, Campbell and Balter - with a little help from
others - have bombarded the list with a discussion most of which
belonged off-list.  In the last two days I've had to get through (by
reading, or deleting) well over 40 posts.  Reminds me of a cartoon I
have on my office wall, called "Philosophical Differences:"
(Philosopher 1):  "You lack analytical rigor - and so does your
mother."  (Philosopher 2):  "Oh yeah?  Well, deconstruct this,

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