I would like to add that the ideological intensity of the race IQ issue is such that you cannot trust the so-called scientific investigation of the possible connection. There was the scandal of Sir Cyril Burt simply copying out the IQ scores of a presumed 30,000 father-son pairs from the table of the normal curve. But also still the last time I looked, in May about genetics and crime, the egregious practice of confusing parameter estimation for hypothesis testing in  twin studies, for not offering experimental controls (comparison of same sex fraternal twins to opposite sex fraternal twins for example) and not including standard errors in any estimates of heritability is firmly still the practice. So is the practice of firmly ignoring published critiques as they have appeared in journals such as Nature and Behaviour Genetics. . That fact that such elementary errors continue to  escape the notice of referees and editors of "scientific" journals is a symptom of how deeply held these socially created prejudiced views are.  Although I am not sympathetic  to Mitchell's using the word fascist to describe this so-called theory he certainly is correct in intuiting that there is prejudice operating here so deeply held that normal and routine techniques get (unconsciously) thrown out the window.These so-called investigators set to prove what they already believe to be true rather than finding out whether it is actually true or not.
Many of us have indeed taken IQ-race literature seriously (not just SJG) and universally the above is what we have found.