Perhaps you are not aware of what should and should not be posted publicly. I sent you a personal communication about my thoughts about your character, to avoid public access. It is you who have chosen to make them public. Now you are wallowing in it. Very sad indeed. Note that anyone in the world can access the archives of this list. Anyone. And they are indexed by google.
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From Jonathan to me. This is the kind of nut case that this list allows to post several times a day? This is what happens when someone here tries to debate an issue?


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Maybe you don't get it - or maybe you do. You have gone a long way to destroying this list. I suspected that was the case when you first started writing, that you were a disruptor. Now, whether you are doing it purposely or whether you just do it because it's your Nature, you have confirmed my suspicions. You'll end up being the only person on the list, talking to yourself.
Conclusion: You are either stupid beyond belief, or truly evil, and your understanding of science and research is way overrated.


Michael Balter
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