As a rule, I don't do flash photography with wildlife.  I don't do it 
with larger wildlife because I think it might be dangerous for -me- 
(I don't want to be in the position of having just pissed off a 
moose) and I don't do it with birds because I just don't know what 
effect it will have-- will it cause a bird to be momentarily stunned, 
leaving it open to a predator?  Will it do damage to the bird's eyes? 
I have no idea, so I figure, best not to risk it.

I have noticed, however, that a lot of bird photographers -do- use 
flash photography and I've never seen these same concerns expressed 
so I'm just asking about it-- do we know whether or not flash 
photography poses a hazard for birds?  Is it completely unnoticed by 
them?  Is it vaguely obtrusive but not seriously so?  Is it 
problematic, but just worth it to get the perfect shot?  If you use a 
flashbulb on a kestrel, will it attack your camera the way it does 


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