Hi Barbara-

They all go into the same database but are assigned different project 
codes. FeederWatch has a different protocol (record highest number of 
birds at one time versus total number seen for eBird) so you have to 
enter that differently into eBird. It doesn't hurt a thing if the 
records are under both databases. I like to have all my own records into 
eBird so I see my birding life there so I always enter them in both.

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Barbara Powers wrote:
> A question-probably for Kent-I am planning to do the Great Backyard 
> Bird Count. When I enter the data, do I also need to enter it on ebird 
> or does this info go there directly from the GBBC data base? In 
> addition-I am also doing Project Feeder Watch. Does this info need to 
> also be entered in ebird or does it go there directly from the Project 
> Feeder Watch? Thanks for your input.
> Barbara Powers
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