Hello all!

I just wanted to mention that I saw 6 blue birds today in Bridport!!  I was 
hoping to see them sooner or later, what with all of the really cold weather I 
was afraid they may not have made it.  I also noticed a small flock of Horned 
Larks on Short Street here in Bridport.  I still haven't been able to see the two 
red bellied woodpeckers together to determin if I have 2 males or one male 
and one female.  I keep looking!
I also wanted to mention that yesterday I noticed a flock of canadian geese 
flying over head on my way to Middlebury.

Oh I also had my little chipmunk out and about today!  Haven't seen him since 
the fall.

thanks for all of the great info on all of the bird sightings.