I have just joined and I am very excited to be able to "chat" with other bird 

I just wanted to report some things that I have seen.  First this summer I saw 
two Sand Hill Cranes in Bristol Vermont!!  My mother had spotted them and I 
thought she was mistaken, but sure enough that is what they were.  They 
stayed in the area for at least a month.  This summer I also spotted a Great 
Egret in Cornwall, right by the Lemon Fair Bridge! That was a real treat to see 
it on my way to work.   I wanted to mention that over the last two years I 
have a Red Bellied Woodpecker visiting my feeders.  I live in Bridport.  He is 
just the neatest little thing, however he was just all alone until I happened to 
spot another one yesterday 2/4, I didn't get a chance to see if it was a female 
or not.  I'm hoping it is a female.  Keep you posted.
One last thing to mention, I work in Middlebury and since the beginning of Dec. 
we have had a larg flock or "murder" of crows that have decided to roost 
outside my place of work.  There is at least 3oo of them!  I have heard that 
this is called a communal roost.  If anyone has more info on this behavior I 
would greatly appreciate the info.  

I think that is all for the time being.