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As many birders are aware, the second Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas recently
wrapped up data collection and has spent the last year sorting records and
beginning the process of turning all that hard work into an informative
publication. The Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Ontario, 2001-2005 is the
product of over 150,000 hours spent in the field by a multitude of dedicated
volunteers who collected a phenomenal 1.2 million individual breeding bird
records! We are pleased to announce that the upcoming book is now available
for presale at a significantly reduced rate from the anticipated retail cost.

The Ontario Atlas is one of just a few regional atlases to enter its second
edition. Not only does the atlas provide information about the current
distribution of species in the province, but because of the ability to look
back on the first publication of 20 years ago, it also offers insight into
the changes populations have experienced, which can be applied outside of
Ontario as well. The second atlas also saw the introduction of methodology
that has allowed us to create abundance maps for many species in the
province, something that has not been done before.

For more information, including sample accounts and ordering information for
the publication, visit the atlas' website,

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