Richard Foye has reported seeing the Northern Shrike around the Brattleboro Retreat Meadows on several occasions in the last two weeks. Her also heard a Carolina Wren near the Green Iron Bridge on Parish Rd in S. Newfane.

Yesterday in the Retreat Meadows I had several Song Sparrows and two Northern Mockingbirds - strange only to see them and not hear them. In Vernon an adult eagle was perched on its nest (NH people think this is the Hinsdale eagle). If past practice continues, it will be incubating by the second week in March.

Also near the Vernon dam, robins were calling from a tree top, but in the waters below the dam, usually very productive through the winter for water fowl, there were only a few Common Mergansers and Hooded Mergansers - no goldeneyes, nor the stray Long-tailed as in past years.

The waterfowl are being found in the canal at Turners Falls, including a female Barrows, some Common Goldeneyes, a couple of Ring-necked Ducks, and lots of Mallards, Blacks, Canadas, and a few Mute Swans. At Bartons Cove I found a first year Glaucous Gull, but froze up before the Lesser Black-backed Gulls came in to roost.

Chris Petrak
South Newfane, VT
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