Hello...apologies for cross-postings.

I realize this is a non-typical reference question but I could use some help. 

One of my library patrons has run across an interesting question about a particular J-code, used in HCPCS billing.  The 1-sentence description used by CMS is the same with both the AMA and in the Ingenix coding books; the problem arises in that each book has released their own guidelines for use of the code.  The guidelines are completely opposite of the other; only one can be right. 

J2850 synthetic human secretin for injection

I'm hoping that someone reading this list will be able to reference another book or resource (say, PMIC), locate any paragraph description underneath, and then be kind enough to email or fax just hat one section.  The CMS website has not proved helpful in clearing up the guidelines for use and the Federal Register is only providing the National Billing Payment.

Many thanks in advance for any assistance that may be provided.

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