I have to admit I periodically sign off the list for this very reason.
I am new to the profession and see this constant begging for free ILL as
a sad statement on our colleagues, or even worse, just plain laziness. I
seem to see the same several people and libraries doing the asking and
this too is frustrating. We do not appear to discuss topics of real
merit to our profession. Please exhaust all other opportunities before
we turn this forum into the Medical Librarians Craig's List.

Mark Alan Mershon
Medical Librarian
Arneson Methodist Library
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I believe that the policy has not changed.  One has to identify the
request on the subject line as ILL (same as with "Chat").  

The problem is that there might be too many who just do not know how to
check Docline for "who has what where and from what year", or do not
bother to do so.   It is taken for granted - even among librarians -
that almost  "everything is on the net", or that it can be gotten for
free if one just asks.   I do not mind helping out, and all our holdings
are so noted online, so that a search for the journal and the year ought
to identify us as holding the particular year, and thus sent directly to
us, not to the whole list.

Libraries ought to make sure that all their holdings are listed with
NLM.  It  takes a bit of time, but is a simple solution.  And DOC LINE
is such a great tool - all ought to learn to use it properly!!!!,

Dalia Kleinmuntz, M.L.S. 
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Subject: Medlib policy on ILL requests


Has Medlib changed its policy on using the listserv for ILL requests?
In the past the policy was that we could only do that when  
we've exhausted all other possibilities; Docline, OCLC, or whatever.   
Lately there seems to be ever-increasing ILL traffic on the list?  If
it's now open season to do ILLs I'd like to know so we can avail
ourselves of this service.



Thomas L. Williams, M.S.,A.H.I.P.
Director, Distributed eLibrary
Weill Cornell Medical College Qatar
Education City P.O. 24144
Doha, Qatar
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