Hi everyone,

Please be VERY careful about replying to Jacquie's message with the info 
she's requested.  If you do so without changing the address, you will be 
broadcasting your social security number and address to everyone on the 

Better to start with a clean message and use her address:

[log in to unmask]

To be honest, it's better still to hand the info to her 
non-electronically, or directly to Monika Ursiny in the Dean's office, 
if you and Jacquie don't cross paths.



Jacqueline Elizabeth Bell wrote:
> Hi all attending the conference;
>   Could you please send me an invoice or recepit (can be an email) for 
> your payment of the student fee, your social security number, and 
> mailing address.  I need to show SGA the invoices so they will transfer 
> the money we are allocated into our dean's budget.  Then Monika can mail 
> each of us checks to reimburse us.
> Thank-you,
> Jacquie

Alison Pechenick, Lecturer
Department of Computer Science
College of Engineering & Mathematical Sciences
351 Votey Hall
University of Vermont
Burlington, VT 05405