Congratulations for these awards.


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SWE received 7 Awards Tonight!!!
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Hi Sweers and SWE's Friends:

This time i want to share with you something really exciting!!!: SWE is celebrating that 7 of SWE Members received tonight Awards from the Women's Center @ UVM for their commitment to foster the participation of Women in Campus.

It is a day of celebration and i must say personally, a day for Jumping around!!! celebrating with happiness this tremendous honor. Thanks Women's Center, Thanks SWE Friends for your nominations-specially to Alison!!!:)-

This is the list of recipients:

Oustanding Faculty Woman Award:

Donna Rizzo-SWE Student Chapter Faculty     Advisor

Oustanding Athlete Award:

Alaina Dickason- SWE Student Chapter President

Oustanding Student Activist Award:

Gabriela Garay-SWE Student Chapter Membership Chair

Iliana Vasquez-Spickers-SWE Student Chapter Vice-President

Social Justice Activist Award:

Jackeline Bell- SWE Student Chapter Secretary, EWB Student Chapter President

Gail Currier- SWE Student Chapter Supporter-Our Spiritual Advisor!!!!-

Oustanding Staff Woman Award:

Josie Herrera- SWE Member

Have a Nice Week!!!!

Gabriela Garay
CS Graduate Student Senator
CSSA Secretary
SWE Membership Chair