Shanta, Andy,
It is possible that a University delegation would meet you at the airport. Can you please let us know your flight numbers and time of arrival.
Also, I would like to send them a list of things that you would like help with while in Managua, so that they can be ready for that. I need to communicate this information as soon as possible.

If you wish to copy Diego Munoz in your note, here is his contact info. If not, I'll gladly translate.
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Diego Muñoz Latino
Secretario General
Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería
Avenida Universitaria
Edificio de Rectoría
Telefonos : 270 5611 88 41 311

Con todo gusto lo recibiremos.


Carlos Rivadeneira

Senior Engineer
Foundry Applications Engineering
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Tel:(802) 769-7114 T/L: 446 -7114
Fax:(802) 769-7147
"The difficult, we eventually see; the obvious, it seems to take a little longer."
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No Meeting Tonight

Hi Everyone,

  Until we hear back about when we can get the coffee; we will not be  
having a meeting.  Andy and Shanta -  can we meet sometime tomorrow  
(maybe before cs) to make sure everything is set for your trip.