Hi Shanta, Andy,
I was hoping to hear from you. Dr Diego Munoz is expecting you to arrive tomorrow at 1pm, as you communicated earlier to him.
Please let me know if you want them to meet you at the airport. I believe it is a great opportunity to establish a solid collaboration team in Managua. They still have problems grasping what kind of help we need, and how they can assist us. Without a doubt, your visit will clarify our mission.
Please send us your trip info, if not, I will have to cancel your encounter with the University. Either way I wish you the best in your trip.


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Re: Nicaragua Contacts
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Thank you, Margaret.  This is really great advice.

Thanks also to our other suppportive friends on this list!!

Best wishes to all,


Margaret McMorrow wrote:
> Andy,
> I know you guys won't have a lot of time, but I would encourage you not
> to dismiss the contact.  If the university is able to send people to
> pick you up at the airport, this will simplify your lives considerably.
> You can ask them to drop you off at the hotel you have chosen
> afterwards.  Have a discussion with them, start to learn the culture and
> thank them profusely.  It's very tempting to be independent, but you'll
> gain an amazing advantage by having locals to help you navigate, even if
> just to recommend a good place for dinner.  Guidebooks are great, but
> local contacts are better.  Just my two cents.  
> Also, if you haven't already, please respond to the Peace Corps contacts
> that I forwarded, even if just to establish an email contact and lay
> down plans for a June meeting.  Those people are really busy, and
> probably couldn't meet with you on this short notice anyway, but I don't
> want to burn any bridges there.
> Good luck in your trip!  Take lots of pictures for the group, and have a
> great time.
> Best,
> Margaret
> Margaret Ramalho McMorrow, P.E.
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> Subject: Nicaragua Contacts
> Carlos,
>    Thank you for all the connections you have been building. It looks as
> of now we will not actually be spending very much time in Managua.  
> We dont get in until Wednesday afternoon and we are going to meet the
> med-students at noon on Thursday. So I dont know how much we will be
> able to do there. Shanta and I have a travel book and we have found a
> place to stay in downtown Managua for Wednesday night. Once the
> med-students come the next day we will be renting a car and have their
> host family to stay with. This might be a good contact to keep for the
> trip in June when they can have more time for other things, but it looks
> like we will be pretty busy for the short amount of time we have.
> Andy

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