Thank you for arrainging things for the program fair.
I will bring the projector when I come to the fireplace lounge around 1:30.
Let me know if I could do something else. Hope someone could be at the 
table 3:30-4:50.

See you then.

Heidi Satomi. Shimada wrote:

> Hey guys,
>  So program fair is this Wednesday from 3-6 in the Fireplace Lounge.   
> We also have setup from 1:30-2:30 and cleanup from 6-7.  
> Corson-sensei  and I will be setting up and Lucas will be cleaning 
> up.  Is there  anyone else who can help out?  I can man the table from 
> 3-3:30 (but I  have class from 3:35-4:50 as does Sean, Jihei, and 
> Chappy), but I can  work from 5-6.  I need people to man the table 
> from 3:30-5 (or more  time if you're free).  All you need to do is 
> talk about the Japanese  House to people who are interested and get 
> them to sign the sign-up  sheet.  You can talk about what you do in 
> the Japanese House,  suite-style living, Japanese House events, whatever.
>  For those of you who don't know, there's usually contests for  
> various categories at the Program Fair.  Last year we won best themed  
> attire.  This year we have yukata and happi coats to wear along with  
> some other random things.  As for decoration, we need to make a new  
> board for the table about the Japanese House (mainly pretty 
> pictures).   If you can't make it to the program fair, it'd be great 
> if you could  help out with the board.  I'll be making mochi and 
> musubis for the  program fair Wednesday morning and maybe Tuesday 
> night.  I think  Tinkhams mentioned green tea ice cream.  It could be 
> easily done, but  it would be hard to keep it from melting unless we 
> have a cooler or  something.
>  Other than that, we will need the projector so that we can play  
> Katamari Damashy or some other fun and easy game.  If anyone has  
> suggestions, tell me ASAP.  We will most likely have a round table  
> with wall space and electricity.  Be creative! ...cuz I'm running out  
> of it.
> Thanks,
> Heidi

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