Japanese House,

AASU will be providing everything - the materials and food. We just  
need people to help out during the event on friday. We'll be having a  
sushi demonstraion and  be helping people make sushi during the event.  
We're also thinking of having a sushi rolling contest or eatting  
contest. That's basically it. We'd really appreciate it if any of you  
could help out.


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> Japanese House no minasan,
> You received a message from Amy-san about Sushi Night.
> I asked Amy-san to ask you all if you could help with the event. It
> would be great if you could.
> I am kind of surprised to see the number of people they are expecting.
> Please contact Amy-san for more information if you are interested in
> helping with this event.
> I just want to remind you that we will have a tea ceremony workshop on
> Saturday, April 7th (the following day of this sushi event.)
> Corson
>> Hey Japanese House,
>> The Asian American Student Union (AASU) is having a sushi night on   
>> the 6th of April. We would like to invite you to help us host it   
>> and help with it. I already talked to Corson Sensei about having   
>> you host the event and we just need to know if you would be   
>> available to come by a little bit before 4pm. I know the Japanese   
>> House holds a movie night every Friday and want to know if having   
>> the even at this time would be good. We are expecting 75-100 people  
>>  and we can send people up to watch your movie after making sushi.
>> Amy
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