Hi everyone,
  So I got a response back from Burlington Taiko.  The price is kinda  
steep so I don't know if you want to still do this or not.

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Dear Heidi--

   Thank you for your email, and apologies for this delayed response!   
I just returned to town yesterday.  Stuart Paton will be out of the  
country during the month of April, but is available to lead a taiko  
workshop on Wed, 3/14 or 3/21.

   The cost for a workshop for a 90 minute workshop for 30-35  
participants is $350 plus ~$50 for travel expenses-- $400 total.   
Please let me know if one of these dates works for you!

   If you need to reach me by phone, my home number is 288-9998.

   Alison Takenaka, Burlington Taiko

"Heidi Satomi. Shimada" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
   To Whom it May Concern:
My name is Heidi Shimada and I'm a junior in the Japanese House.
Last year, the AASU sponsored a taiko workshop which was a big
success. This year, the Japanese House is interested in sponsoring a
similar event. If possible, we would like to know if Paton-sensei
would be available for a taiko workshop in April. Ideally, we are
interested in a night workshop (around 6 or 7pm), but we are
relatively free with scheduling so we would like to schedule around
Paton-sensei. We would also like to know the cost to hold such an
event. Thank you for your time.
If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me.
Thank you again,

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