Moretown Elementary School Board Meeting

Monday, March 6, 2007

Present: Board members Lisa Ransom, Jay Pilliod, Amy Bolger, Deb Hunter and
John Schmeltzer

Principal Roberta Barone

The meeting was called to order at the MES library at 6:20 p.m. by Deb

Board Orders

In a motion by Jay, seconded by John, the board approved the following board

# 78 for $32,138.02; #79 for $16,564.06; and #80 for $9,387.81, all dated

Preparation for Pre-town Meeting

Board members put the final touches on our presentation on Moretown


WSI-Town Land Deal Update

John and Lisa updated board members on the most recent discussion. Board

agreed on  March 27 – or an alternate day during the final week of  March –
as the date

for a meeting at which the three boards, legal counsel, representation from
the state and

from the Vermont Land Trust and Tom Badowski from Moretown Landfill  would

final piece of information and could ask questions relating to the deeryard

Other Business

Board members noted that it would be helpful to have the school board’s

reorganizational meeting on March 15 prior to the meeting with legislators.
Roberta will

check with Bob McNamara to see if this date works with his schedule.


On a motion by Deb, seconded by Amy, the meeting adjourned at 6:55.


Clerk Amy Bolger

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