We've got a large flock of grackles in our yard this morning in small 
numbers in Westminster (we've had them since the 9th but I forgot to 
report them).  We also have, for the first time I've seen,red-winged 
blackbirds.  Starlings have been around for a few weeks now.  Over 
the last 3-4 days, we've noticed the following: juncos are quickly 
diminishing in numbers and finches are mobbing everything.  A small 
number of house sparrows, song sparrows and tree sparrows are present 
as well as a pair of carolina wrens, a few woodpeckers (downy and 
hairy) as well as small numbers (6-10) of blue jays and a few (3-5) 
northern cardinals. There is at least one Tufted Titmouse in the yard 
which repeatedly calls out what I believe to be a mating call and 
nuthatches frequently come to the feeders, as well as an assortment 
of black-capped chickadees.  The last sighting of the red-shouldered 
hawk was on Saturday, right before crows chased it away.

Additionally, I spotted a red squirrel sitting inside one of our 
allegedly "squirrel-proof" feeders and -really- happy about it.  I 
only have pictures of one of the grackles (link below).

In neighboring New Hampshire (Walpole and Westmoreland) I spotted a 
bald eagle over the river first in a tree and then flying towards 
Bellows Falls, as well as an unidentified buteo (probably a red-tail, 
but not certain).  I also managed to find three horned larks and a 
single pileated woodpecker on River Road in Westmoreland which 
disappeared before I could get a picture.

Pictures from today (Vermont & New Hampshire, grackle, lark and eagle) are at:

I also have a pair of -very- nice goldfinch pictures up at:

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