There's an American Goldfinch hanging out in our yard which looks 
like it's wing is broken-- I don't know if it's going to survive 
tomorrow's storm or not, but if it does survive I'm wondering if 
there's someone in the nearby area who does small bird rehab who 
would be interested in taking this bird, perhaps on Monday?

For what it's worth, I've done raptor and other bird transport for 
VINS in the past-- I know how to capture and transport a bird in a 
fashion which will do it a minimum amount of harm and I fully 
understand that the bird may or may not survive, even if I can get it 
to someone who does rehab.  If anyone has any suggestions, I can make 
some phone calls or send out a few e-mails while we're (most likely) 
snowed in on Friday.


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