Though our yard was completely surrounded by red-winged blackbirds, 
mourning doves, common grackles, blue jays and starlings, none of 
them came near the feeders while I was outside taking pictures.  The 
ones that came in were American Goldfinches, Tufted Titmouses, 
Black-Capped Chickadees White-Breasted Nuthatches, Dark-Eyed Juncos, 
Song Sparrows, American Tree Sparrows and a Carolina Wren.  I took 
lots of pictures, but only put a few up; most were of birds I've 
already captured well-enough before, but I got the best photo I've 
ever taken of a Carolina Wren:

The five photos I put up for the day (two Wren photos, 1 nuthatch, 1 
junco & 1 tree sparrow) are at:

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