I would have preferred to reply to the list re David Rosane's most recent post, but that's 
downloaded on my home computer, and I'm elsewhere...

My thrill of today (so far) was seeing an adult bald eagle flying over a flock of wild turkeys at 
10:00 a.m. in Montgomery near Longley Covered Bridge (Longley Bridge Road about a quarter of a mile 
from the bridge). The eagle flew to a tree on the opposite bank of the Trout River (downstream from 
the bridge) and sat. It easily could be the same one David saw yesterday.

There's a dead deer in the area that's serving as a bird feeder. My husband has seen ravens working 
it, and a friend (non-birder) reports having seen some kind of hawk there. I suspect the carcass is 
probably what drew the eagle to this particular spot.

Another question: I expect it's unlikely, but is there any record of a bald eagle taking (or trying 
to take) a wild turkey?


Charlotte Bill