At 8:53 AM -0400 3/23/07, Nancy A. Brown wrote:
>Julie did you see the bird?

I saw the bird-- I didn't want to say anything about it first because 
I wanted an objective answer and didn't want anyone being guided by 
my interpretations or assumptions, so please accept my apologies if 
this comes across as deceptive.  I just didn't know another way to 
get responses that didn't involve getting caught up in the visual 

This call I posted was the red-shouldered hawk that's been hanging 
out in our yard throughout the winter. I know there's been some 
question over whether it's a red-tail or a red-shouldered.  With the 
exception of the two posts which pinned it as a blue-jay, everyone 
else who's written me has been certain that it's the call of a 
red-shouldered hawk, even without any visuals.  I'm still willing to 
entertain the idea that it's a hybrid of some sort (if that's even 
possible-- I can't yet find sufficient information to judge whether 
or not it is), but there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the 
bird is a red-shouldered.

Here are some pictures of it from the time I did the recording:

I also want to note that this is not something I would do in the 
wild-- if a bird were screeching at me during a forest walk or some 
other such thing, I'd back off extremely quickly, in case there's a 
nest nearby.  I'm a big believer in not interfering with birds in 
their own habitat.

I feel, however, that if a bird is going to be hanging out in several 
yards in my neighborhood, that it's probably used to seeing humans 
enough that while it may not like us, it won't be actively damaged or 
overly frustrated by our occasional attention.


P.S. if anyone's interested, I got some short-eared owl pictures at 
Plum Island yesterday-- a life bird for me
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