One item to keep in mind is a pattern of Vagrancy, so here's a few questions 
that I have.

1.  How many Barnacle Goose Reports have there been in Vermont?

2.  What are the dates and locations of those reports (if any)?

3.  How does the current bird fit into those reports?

Obviously if all Barnacle Goose reports all came from March in the Con. 
River Valley, there would be a clear pattern of Vagrancy, yielding support 
to the idea that these are lost Wild birds.  With no pattern however, the 
question of the birds origins will be raised.

Will Raup
Albany, NY

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>Subject: [VTBIRD] barnacle
>Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2007 14:37:26 -0500
>If this barnacle is suspect, then what about all the Ross's geese that
>have been accepted in VT. They too are way off-course and they are kept
>in captivity. What's sauce for the goose....
>Hector Galbraith PhD
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