Last night (Friday) at dusk, I waited along the shores of Lake 
Runnemede in Windsor for the ducks to come in for the night. Pretty 
good showing with lots of courtship behaviors by the mergansers, 
including the neck stretching display by the Common Mergansers 
accompanied by their deep, gutteral call.


Location:   Lake Runnemede
Observation date:   3/30/07
Notes:   Back half of lake is open. Most of the ducks and geese 
arrived at dusk.
Number of species:   15

Canada Goose   120
Wood Duck   3
American Black Duck   2
Mallard   10
Ring-necked Duck   4
Greater Scaup   4
Hooded Merganser   5   courtship displays
Common Merganser   13   courtship displays
Blue Jay   1
American Crow   X
American Robin   X
European Starling   X
Northern Cardinal   1
Red-winged Blackbird   X
Common Grackle   X

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