Yesterday, March 21, dusk:
1 Bald Eagle,
ca 40 white-tailed deer,
8 turkey
all on Montgomery to Berkshire Road (trout river valley). Huge thaw, the
deer have come out of the woods to southerly exposed meadows.

also, 1 tufted titmouse singing in downtown Richford, which if seen and
heard again could qualify as a possible breeder here and a new species for
our BBA block - anyone know how far north this species has spread ? Richford
is "on" the Canadian Border

since march 11, trickle of Robins, purple finch...

1 Pileated woodpecker on south Richford Road March 19

ps: has anyone checked upper Mississquoi valley and associated riverine
systems for Gnatcatcher, Cerulean, etc?

Dave Rosane & Val Druguet

GreenHollow llc_CUNY_Cornell