Hi, everyone - Yesterday a friend and I took leisurely walks and drives in 
search of ducks on the water or eagles on the ice. No eagles. No ducks except at 
the Charlotte Ferry landing, where there were both common and hooded 
mergansers along with a pair of buffleheads.

We then took a walk in Kingsland Bay State Park and were rewarded by a 
red-bellied woodpecker. On the way home, we stopped to watch at least 50 wild 
turkeys close to   the road near Wake Robin.

Also seen or heard:

redwinged blackbirds
white-breasted nuthatch
tufted titmice
red-tailed hawk
very quick glimpse of a possible harrier
very close visit by two circling turkey vultures (checking to see if one of 
us might lie down and die???)
ring-billed gulls
herring gulls
mourning doves all a'cooing
rock pigeons
house sparrows 

Maeve Kim
Jericho Center

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