This is the Vermont Rare Bird Alert for March 26, 2007 covering the period
March 19 - March 25, 2007.


Highlights this week include a BARNACLE GOOSE and 2 CACKLING GEESE seen at
Vernon Dam on 3/25 and a GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE at Vernon Dam on 3/19.


The first PIED-BILLED GREBE of the season was spotted at Vernon Dam on 3/23.


The first DOUBLE-CRESTED CORMORANTS (2) reported this spring were seen at
Allen Point in South Hero on 3/25.


GREAT BLUE HERONS returned to Mississquoi NWR, Delta Park, Ferrisburg, Dead
Creek and Charlotte this week.


Two hundred and thirty SNOW GEESE were seen in Grand Isle on 3/24, 60 in
Johnson on 3/23 as well as in Brownsville and at Dead Creek this week. Over
1,000 CANADA GEESE were present at Vernon Dam on 3/25.  WOOD DUCKS, AMERICAN
MERGANSERS and GREATER AND LESSER SCAUP were prevalent wherever there was
open water in the state this week, including Grand Isle, Delta Park, Vernon
Dam, Allen Point, the Colchester Railroad Causeway and numerous other
locations.  A GADWALL was seen at the Ed Weed Fish Hatchery in South Hero
this week, and two were seen off Grand Isle on 3/21.  AMERICAN WIGEONS were
observed in Grand Isle (3 on 3/19, 2 on 3/20), South Hero (1) on 3/19 and
Vernon Dam (2 on 3/23, 4 on 3/25).  NORTHERN PINTAILS were viewed at Vernon
Dam (4 on 3/25), Delta Park on 3/24, Grand Isle, South Hero and Allen Point.
GREEN-WINGED TEAL were seen at Dead Creek (3 on 3/23, 15 on 3/24) as well as
at Vernon Dam (6) on 3/25.  RING-NECKED DUCKS were present in large numbers
at Allen Point on 3/21, Colchester Railroad Causeway (100 on 3/21), Vernon
Dam (80 on 3/23, 40 on 3/25), Delta Park (1) on 3/24 and at Allen Point on
3/25.  BUFFLEHEAD were seen at Vernon Dam (2 on 3/24, 5 on 3/25), Charlotte
Ferry Landing (2) on 3/23 and Delta Park (3) on 3/24.  An unspecified number
of RUDDY DUCKS were reported off Grand Isle on 3/25 .


A NORTHERN HARRIER was spotted in Middlebury on 3/23 and at Dead Creek on
3/25.  A NORTHERN GOSHAWK was seen in Burlington on 3/18, in East Dorset on
3/21 and in Woodbury on 3/24.  RED-SHOULDERED HAWKS were observed in Jericho
on 3/19, Middlebury on 3/23 and throughout the week in Westminster.  Two
ROUGH-LEGGED HAWKS were seen at Dead Creek on 3/25.  A MERLIN was spotted in
Milton on 3/21.


Two AMERICAN COOTS were present at Vernon Dam on 3/20, 3/23 and 3/25.  One
was seen in Addison on 3/25.


A WILSON'S SNIPE was spotted in South Newfane on 3/20.  AMERICAN WOODCOCK
were seen in Waitsfield and Victory Bog this week and were displaying in
Cornwall on 3/23 and 2/24.


A late report came in of a LONG-EARED OWL that was found injured on the side
of the road in Orwell, Vermont on 3/11 and was brought to VINS rehab. 


BELTED KINGFISHERS returned to Lowell, Addison and Vernon Dam this week.


A RED-BELLIED WOODPECKER was spotted in the Kingsland State Park in
Ferrisburg on 3/23.  The first report of a NORTHERN FLICKER came from North
Williston on 3/22.


Two EASTERN PHOEBES were sighted at Vernon Dam on 3/25.


NORTHERN SHRIKES were observed in Whiting, Waitsfield, Dead Creek and South
Newfane this week.


TREE SWALLOWS are back in Ferrisburg (3 on 3/24), Dead Creek (7 on 3/25) and
Vernon Dam (10+ on 3/25).


CAROLINA WRENS were present in Royalton, Brattleboro, Middlebury, Chittenden
and near the Colchester Railroad Causeway this week.


There has been an EASTERN TOWHEE present at a feeder in Winhall since the
1st week in February.


FOX SPARROWS were spotted in Bennington, South Burlington and South Newfane
this week.  There were many AMERICAN TREE SPARROW sightings throughout the


An EASTERN MEADOWLARK made a timely return in Addison on 3/24.



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