I spent over an hour observing the waterfowl from the woods before
walking out to the bluff over the dam and finding Davis Finch and
Dennis Abbott observing from that point.

They had a Coot over by the plant outlet.  Some other birds of note
mixed in with the 100 or so Canda Geese before 6:30:

At least 4 American Widgeon
At least 4 Male N. Pintail and 2 females that I found (more Pintails
came in later too)
At least 2 Green Wing Teal
Many Wood Ducks
A few Hooded Mergansers (numbers down from last week)
A handful of Common Mergansers
A handful of Common Goldeneye
A good number of Ring Neck Ducks (40 or so?)
Many Mallards
A few American Black Ducks
2 Tree Swallows
2 Eastern Phoebe

Starting at about 6:30, geese started flying in from the fields to the
south, first in groups of 5-20 and then a large wave off 100+ and
finally, at 7:00, a massive wave of thousands of birds all passing
over at once.  It was a remarkable sight.

With the light failing fast, first Davis and then Dennis found the
Barnacle Goose in their scopes.  I lacked their scoping skill but was
blessed by their company and got some good looks through their scopes.
I hope I'm not stealing their thunder by posting but with some
negative reports from earlier in the day, I wanted to make sure folks
knew the Barnacle Goose had been relocated and is worth searching for
again today.

-- Cliff Seifer
Keene NH