Steve Mirick found the barnacle at about 4pm on the Vermont side of the
river on Riverside Rd. It was feeding in a corn field with a large flock
of canadas. 

It flew over to the ice on the Hinsdale roost at about 6.30 that

Steve and I counted the waterfowl roost and had:

Canadas					4000
Snow geese				34
Barnacle goose			1
Green-winged teal		226
Ring-necked duck		87
Gadwall					6
Wigeon					10
Lesser scaup			1
Greater scaup			10
Bufflehead				4
Pintail					44
Black duck				220
Mallard					102
Wood duck				68
Common merganser		12
Hooded merganser		12
Common goldeneye		33

Also - tree swallow  about 50, saw-whet owl - 1, and hundreds of
"blackbirds" (redwings and grackles) flying north up the river.

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