I've had pileated woodpeckers come to my feeders on rare occasions - both to 
the suet feeder and to the hanging tube feeder with sunflower seeds.

I suspect what drew them to the tube feeder was the hulled sunflower seed 
that I mixed in with the unhulled seed, though obviously I can't be sure.

I've often seen the pileated woodpecker foraging on trees near my house, but 
it's quite a sight to see that big bird feeding from a bird feeder just 10 
feet from my kitchen window! Again, I must say that it's happened only on 
rare occasions - on average, perhaps once or twice each winter. It appears 
they much prefer foraging on dead or dying trees.


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>I had one in my back yard on Sunday!  I love seeing them.  I have been 
>trying to get them closer to my feeders for years, any suggestions?
>  rebecca
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