Today on the way home from work I spotted an American Kestrel on the phone
line just South of the Shelburne/Charlotte town line on Rte. 7

In Colchester, on the interstate a single TV (back side of Mazza's farm) and
a Raven on Bay Rd.

Something of interest to me, in Shelburne by the covered bridge at the
museum we have spotted flocks of ducks landing in the pond there.  We have
seen this for several years but never seem to get a chance to stop and check
it out, has anyone given it a once over?  Last night at dusk, there were
well over 100 ducks, and this afternoon on the way through I guessed there
to be about 40 ducks. 

Also, as everyone seems to have seen them, we have had our Song Sparrows
return along with Brown Headed Cowbirds, Common Grackles and the Red-winged
Blackbirds.  Since the last snow we have also had some DEJ's hanging about.

Mike and Heather C.