Hello All - I'm brand new to the list. This is my
first post!

About a week ago I saw the exact same thing that Ruth
saw (below) only live in Pittsford. It was bright
white on the bottom, with striking black wingtips. It
was definitely riding thermals in an upward spiral. I
ran inside for my binocs but it was gone. When I first
saw it I thought soaring hawk of some sort and I was
excited because of the color pattern. Later I thought
maybe a gull, but my impression was that it was quite
a bit bigger than that. Do Gulls ride thermals?


--- Ruth Stewart <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Mon. - Rough legged Hawk hovering over Bromley
> (Peru)
> Tues - Over Bromley Mt. - a large bird with white
> underside and black tips 
> on wings.  My first thought was Ring-bill Gull which
> have been moving 
> through, but this bird was soaring and circling. 
> When it banked, the top 
> side was brownish.   Alas, I forgot to take my binos
> on the slopes, but my 
> guess was a white, Red-tail Hawk.  Perhaps the bird
> that has been seen this 
> winter in Dorset.   Any other ideas?
> Later that day at my home in E. Dorset...  TV and 2
> 'flap, flap, soar' 
> birds.  Even though I did get binos on these guys,
> the sky was still bright 
> and the birds were distant, but 'jiz' gave me heavy
> bodied accipiters - not 
> sharpie or coopers of which I have seen many.  I'm
> not sure I have ever IDed 
> a Goshawk in flight, but that was my guess.
> Wed.., a  raptor swooped in our yard and perched in
> tree top long enough for 
> me to get 'gray bird, face mark, long tail'... 
> definite male Goshawk!
> Ruth Stewart
> E. Dorset
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