Thanks to all who have posted sightings in and around Moose Bog.  Your posts 
motivated me to finally do a ‘up north winter bird trip’.  And I enjoyed it 
immensely with two beautiful lifers.

Spent the night at Coos hotel in Lancaster (NH) and got to Moose Bog (first 
time) at 6:45.  Parked on South America Pond Rd. at the parking space not far 
from the highway.  Upon exiting the car hear and saw white-winged crossbills 
singing on evergreen-tree tops and while eyeing them three grey jays came to 
inspect me.  Walked down to where, on the left hand side, there is an area full 
of dead trees, and heard a woodpecker.  Soon it flew to another tree for 
wonderful views:  a female black-backed pecker (lifer for me) and the male 
was a few trees over!

Took about an 80 minute walk along South America Pond Rd. where I saw 
some nice birds.  The peckers were still around when I walked by again.  I got 
within about seven feet of the female.  I pished some finches who were flying 
over and the two settled down on top of an evergreen and there were red 
crossbills!  Another lifer.  And wonderful looks.

Walked a little on the highway and here saw the boreal chickadees and some 
more white-winged crossbills conspicuously eating from cones.

Birds seen in the 2 ¼ hours:

b-c chickadees (lots)
boreal chickadees
red-breasted nuthatches
pine siskins
purple finches
grey jays
blue jays
white-winged crossbills (quite a few and singing a lot)
red crossbills (one pair)
black-backed woodpecker (pair, present for over an hour)

Heading south I did the ‘Guildhall-Granby-Victory-Lancaster (NH)’ loop, a good 
deal of which is dirt roads and which I drove in Feb. of 2005 at which time I 
had seen pine grosbeaks.  This time I saw:

red-breasted nuthatches
blue jays (a couple dozen)
tree sparrows (by feeders)
juncos (by feeders)
purple finches
goldfinches (dozens and dozens)
white-winged crossbills (three times two or more were eating on the road and 
one time about five males were in a tree)
siskins (eating in the road)

In Lancaster (NH) saw no birds at the feeders.

Tim Zajic
Boxford, MA
Essex County