What do you hear about the Slides at Whiteface? I called the mountain, 
talked to a woman, questioned re the Slides opening. She said they are not, 
and they have large amounts of ice flow this season. Didn't say they 
wouldn't open. I guess a warm spell to homogenize the snow/ice pack would 
help. - Stuart Cole

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> This season seems to have turned around  for the good
> as equally dramatic as the earlier months were for the
> bad.
> Whiteface has been unbelievable the last two weeks
> plus.  Deep natural powder on all trails and the best
> their limited woods runs have ever been from my
> perspective.  Just when I thought things were getting
> good in Vermont and I would probably start venturing
> over they have gotten so good nearby that I can't get
> enough locally.
> I have been out primarily solo all season and enjoying
> the slopes immensely but there is a difference having
> a couple of friends with you to push each other and
> psych each other up.  Such was the case yesterday as
> Greg, Dave and I hit the jackpot at Gore.
> By the time we got there and up the gondola it was
> only minus 1 at the top of Bear Mt.  With calm winds
> it was one of my warmer experiences at Gore lately.
> We started with a warmup on Lies.  Sweet effortless no
> skid carving down the entire face.  There was much to
> be said for the grooming in this case.  Sometimes it
> makes things better in the overall experience.  We
> then headed up Straightbrook to start with Double
> barrel.  All the moguls were buried and drifted in
> with fresh snow.  Sweet, unique experience indeed.
> Even Dave did it once to say he did.  He is 62 with
> literally no cartilage in one knee.  He wears a brace
> that helps with support but not with pain enough.  He
> says if he gets a knee replacement the doctors said he
> would never ski again so he continues as best he can.
> Everything off the summit was 100% excellent.  Even
> Hawkeye was sweet carving and cruising.  Normally I
> hate that trail with a passion.  We got fresh tracks
> repeatedly all day in almost every place we went.
> Cave glade, Straightbrook glade, Chattimac and even
> all the groomed trails.  There were perhaps the fewest
> people there I have ever seen.  Less than one half the
> main parking lot was used.
> After lunch at Saddle lodge we went thru Wood In to
> the High Peaks double.  We had went up that first in
> the AM but didn't ski over there.  We noticed Dark
> Side was open and untracked and well covered with
> fresh powder. Greg and I alone would probably have hit
> that first off but didn't want to shock Dave right off
> the bat.  There was so much good over at Staightbrook
> and Topridge area the time went too fast to get back
> there.  At precisely 1:47 PM Dark Side was still
> untracked.  It wasn't for long as Greg and I blitzed
> it top to bottom in soft deep powder without hitting
> nary a rock.  I am usually reluctant to attack that
> trail as the visual evidence of pitfalls is enough to
> make me cautious.
> A most unique experience happened right after that.
> As we were ascending the double in the intensely
> serene peaceful calm and silence of that area with
> almost nary a soul to be seen anywhere an
> instantaneous heart stopping roar shook the entire
> lift.  We all thought earthquake.  I thought someone
> fired up a snowgun right within 20 feet of my chair.
> I looked left and right expecting some monster winch
> cat to come ripping out of the woods out of control
> and take out a lift tower.  It turned out to be what I
> thought was an extinct species from a by-gone era.
> These babies are subsonic and operate in attack mode
> at speeds exceeded by a lot of high performance
> automobiles.  They hang almost hovering and scour the
> area searching for prey much like a hawk or eagle over
> a field.  They swoop straight down from above with
> their 30 mm nose Gatling cannon blazing armor piercing
> rounds at 6000 per minute.  You don't want to be in a
> non US tank when they are around. There are some
> military fly routes approved over the Adirondacks and
> I am sure they were in compliance.  It was kind of
> weird that it was right up the liftline at barely 200
> ft.  I could almost read the insignia on the
> underbellies.  It was very fitting that they flew
> close air support in our attack on the powder
> everywhere.  The rest of the day only got better and
> better and was too short as I found the last five
> times I have been to Gore.
> Greg and I will arise even earlier tomorrow in the
> predicted chill of perhaps -40F to attack the glades
> and powder at Gore again.  With or without close air
> support we will accomplish the mission.     Jimski
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